Wednesday, January 2, 2008

resource-based outsourcing

2008 has come. The industrial world trends have move toward outsourcing. The biggest issue as cited from Supply Chain is that oursourcing will be the trend of 2008.

The outsourcing process usually takes place as a process outsourcing. Manufacturers outsource their product to speed up the lead time and save some cost toward excessing the production capacity. However, this kind of outsourcing is the common model recently.

There is no limitation among the world. The Information Technology (IT) give a huge advantage to bridge the gap between each location, due to distances and time problem. In the next period, not only process which can be outsourced, but also resources that can be shared among industry, country and other organization.

Resource-based outsourcing is adapted from the process-based outsourcing. The head-hunter organization may think that employee turn-over is getting growth for the economic reason. But, the trends toward migrating from one organization to another organization is changing to the word "outsourcing" itself. People, or other resources, don't have to move to other organization. They can have such kind of authentication and authorization to do some task to help the growth of other organization. The reward will be based on the result of the resources contribution.

Such of mechanism in BPM (Business Process Management) called resource management has developed some controls toward this idea. The access control in distributed environment will be the basic idea to implement the resource-based outsourcing. Nowadays, I am doing research about RBAC (Role Based Access Control) which is an approach toward the security issue in the BPM system.

Therefore, prepare yourself to be a globalized person. You don't need to move to other country to get a better salary. Ability, credibility and competence are some of the key issues for getting the job of the resource-based outsourcing from your place where you are now.