Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RFID related implementation (1)

GLOVIS, as a part of Hyundai KIA motor logistic company, has been settled as a global logistic company. The previous name in Hankook Logitech Co. Ltd was established in 2001. And, in June 2003 was changed its name to GLOVIS.

As you see in the upper and left picture, they developed such kind of simulation in their own logistic city. The existing 3-D simulation mockup is to publish the importance of RFID technology and their contribution in the logistic process in South Korea .
RFID is used to accelerate SCM process from supplier to customer via any related transportation media (air, sea, land). RFID is very useful to trace the product during the transshipment. And the signal was shown in a small panel to display the product movement in the real-time system.
The development of RFID technology has been established in many typical industrial area. Readers are encouraged to read the following article (link).

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