Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Customer Satisfaction

I know that all of the reader may understand the term of Customer Satisfaction (CS). We have to satistfy the CS in the certain (agreement/ most wanted) level to meet customer requirement.

I have one good experience about CS in South Korea. One day, my friend asked me to call a cab. Any foreigner who can't speak Korean, for sure, would like to ask a help from either Korean or any friends who can speak Korean. Since I know how to speak Korean, I had my intention to help him calling the cab.

I found one telephone number, the best and most reliable taxi in Busan, as it was said by my friend. I called and the lady who answer the phone asked me with a single question ... where the pick up point is. She didn't ask much question (what is my phone number, my name, etc.).

And, 1 minute later, I received an sms from the taxi call center. It was about my called. It said that :
The taxi number is XXXX, the taxi will come at the pick up point in 10 minutes.

I was so surprised with the information. And, 5 minutes later, there was an incoming call. Who was he ? The taxi driver called me and asked the exact position of me. Waow.... I was boasting as a king. I just realized what Customer Satisfaction effect on.

It effect a lot with my experience. Since that happening, I feel that I will call the same taxi call center in the future since I was satisfied in my first time. Will you do the same thing as me ?

If you will do like I do, then.. it is the effect of a Customer Satisfaction experience. Do to others what others want you to do. :)

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